2023 is officially in full swing. How have your resolutions held up? If you’ve given up on them already, that’s okay. In fact, Quitters Day (aka the day everyone typically decides to give up or restart their resolutions) already happened on January 13th. One goal you shouldn’t give up on this year however is growing your business. Whether that means expanding your reach into untapped markets or increasing your revenue efficiently and effectively, growth is most likely top of mind for your business in 2023.

And just like all resolutions, it can be helpful to have a partner to keep you accountable. After 40+ years of successful brand strategy, execution and management, we’ve seen and done it all and can help you stay consistent throughout this year.

TIPS & TRENDS: Say “No” To Buying Email Lists

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DID YOU KNOW: Get in the Google Snack Pack

Over 90% of Americans search for a local business each week which means if you don’t have a local SEO strategy you may be missing opportunities to connect with your customers. Having a local SEO strategy can help cut down on ad spend while increasing your web credibility and organic traffic. Learn more about creating a local SEO strategy HERE.

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