Fall is here which means it’s time to kick off your digital marketing game plan for the 2024 season. Just like a veteran football coach prepares their team for a successful season with a well-thought-out game plan, effective digital marketing requires meticulous budget preparation to score big wins.

And as any wise digital marketer or football coach knows, allocating resources appropriately is a huge factor in whether you win or lose. Below are some of our tips to keep in mind when planning for the upcoming season:

  1. Building Your Digital Marketing Playbook: Identify your marketing objectives and create a playbook of strategies that align with your goals.
  2. Scouting the Competition: Just like studying your opponents on the football field, competitive analysis is a crucial part of giving you a strategic edge.
  3. Quarterbacking Your Budget: Much like distributing passes in a football game, successful digital marketers know how to allocate their budgets to different tactics.
  4. Defending Your ROI: As any coach knows, halftime adjustments to secure a victory are sometimes necessary. Be sure to analyze your performance and make budget changes when called for.

Success in digital marketing starts with a winning game plan. Huddle up with the YPM digital marketers who will guide you towards crafting a budget that’s ready to tackle the competition head-on. Get ready to kick off your digital marketing journey!

TIPS & TRENDS: Score Big with a Content Strategy

Did you know that a well-planned content strategy can boost your touchdown rate by up to 72%? Start by identifying your target fans and their game-day needs, then craft valuable content that tackles their interests. Don’t forget to use analytics to fine-tune your playbook. Need help? Let’s make your content a game-changer!

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