The secret ingredient your marketing might be missing is…Emotion? Yep, you read that right! In today’s world, where we are bombarded by up to 10,000 advertisements a day, connecting with your audience is more important than ever. The best way to connect? Engage with them on a human level.

Empathy marketing is an effective way to cut through the noise and position your brand on a more human level. Treat your customer as an individual, figure out what’s important to them and connect with them. And when all else fails, throw in a few emojis :-)! Create a brand that forms a connection with its customers by inviting emotion and empathy into your marketing strategy.

TIPS & TRENDS: With Love, YPM.

Hallmark cards are sweet, but handmade cards are treasured because they’re personal. That’s what your content needs to be. YPM helps you see the world through the eyes of your customers, creating content that speaks to them on a deeper level.

ON THE BLOG: How to Use Empathy Marketing to Connect with Your Audience

In 1970, the average American saw 500 advertisements a day. Now, in 2022, the average Americans sees 4,000-10,000. Strangely though, as the number of ads has grown, their impact has lessened…READ MORE. 

DID YOU KNOW? Life of the Party.

Being well-liked not only gets you invited to more parties, it also leads to more sales. According to the University of Southern California, “likeability” is the biggest predictor of whether an ad will increase revenue – how well it recognizes, acknowledges, and connects to your customers’ experience.

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We get B2B advertising can be tough and quite frankly, boring. Studies show that most people find B2B content creatively uncompelling. That’s why we wanted to share this webinar from Sprout Social, where they share ways to use personality and emotion to make your LinkedIn ads more compelling. WATCH HERE.