Boosting Organic Social Engagement with Stellar Content

If you’ve noticed organic engagement steadily decreasing on social media, it’s not just you. This is happening across the board for most brands. You can blame algorithm changes but it also has to do with the competition among paid brand efforts. Paid search and paid social were really the only channels to maintain positive growth during the pandemic. This method became so saturated and competitive, it’s predicted digital ad spend worldwide will reach about $389 billion in 2021. 

Remember, organic social content should be more about engaging with your actual audience and nurturing that community, not who you think your audience is.

Brands who have the budget to pay can always buy reach but it’s never going to increase organic post engagement. So how do smart brands woo their audience to boost organic efforts? Here are seven ways to focus on your audience and create captivating content just for them.

1 All the Feels Now is the time to focus on your target audience and get personal. Engage your audience by stimulating their emotions like curiosity, uncertainty and admiration.

2 No More Click Bait Consumers are getting too savvy for this tactic. In fact, Facebook will downgrade the importance of your post if you use too much engagement-baiting language such as, “LIKE if you love puppies!” or “TAG your bestie!” Comment baiting with one word or one emoji is another way your profile gets ranked lower. Instead, create content that generates a discussion.

3 Be the Solution Your customers have come to expect value so your brand needs to be prepared to solve the problem at hand.

4 The Ultimate Ruler We know content is king but video is the Ultimate Ruler. Google, for instance, says one of the top drivers of increased video usage during the pandemic was to find information about a brand, product or service. Typically, GIFs of three seconds will do better than a stagnant photo. Because of this, every video isn’t required to be a polished production with hours of editing behind it. 

5 A Perfect Match Using advertising to build on your organic efforts is a smart way to nurture your current customers and develop relationships with them. Remember not to cast the net too wide and use paid media to target a specific audience instead.

6 Story Time In a recent survey, one in three daily Instagram users said they became more interested in a product they saw on Stories. This is a great way to create engaging, authentic content for your audience to digest — and they’ve already told you that’s where they are!

7 Brand Advocacy Activate your company’s culture and encourage employees to talk about the brand and services. Give them the tools they need to share social posts or create their own. Some employees have networks larger than the brand’s, so why not provide what they need to have fun supporting the brand.

Remember, organic social content should be more about engaging with your actual audience and nurturing that community, not who you think your audience is. So, do the homework and truly lock down who that is before creating a content strategy.

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