Getting in shape and making it a lasting lifestyle change takes planning, work and consistency. Picture this post-COVID scenario: As you head back into the office and dust off your jackets, slacks and skirts you notice the subtle difference in your physique. Maybe your pants are too tight, maybe they’re too baggy. Either way, you’ve got to get back in shape and you need to establish a routine. You work out, you hike, you walk, you hit the gym. You make sure you’re as fit as you can be. Shouldn’t your digital marketing be economically fit as well?

“Health and intellect are the two blessings of life.” – Menander

When you join a gym to keep the momentum going, you pay for experts and their equipment. “Health and intellect are the two blessings of life,” the ancient Greek dramatist Menander is famous for saying. We tend to agree. Think of YPM as your digital marketing health club full of expert trainers and systems to ensure a brand’s economic benefit and fitness.

Here are two big ways YPM can help you get in shape:

1 Digital Nutrition: Count Your Macros

If you’re not familiar, counting macros is the practice of tracking your intake of carbohydrates, fat and protein. By paying attention, you control your calorie intake and manage the effect food has on your body. If you’re not tracking your results and constantly adjusting your digital marketing strategies, you will plateau and all your efforts will become inefficient and expensive. What do your results tell you if you’re not paying attention to them and learning how to make them better? YPM not only provides regular reporting updates but analyzes the data to make sure your media buys, SEO tactics, website UX, rich content and social media are all working together to keep your digital marketing efforts in efficient shape. The best part is, much like a personal trainer, we keep you going even if you have other matters to attend to or don’t understand the science of digital nutrition. 

2 Consistent Jogs: Nurture Leads

Finally! That moment you put on your favorite dress you haven’t worn in a year and it fits perfectly after daily runs around the lake all summer — it makes it worth it if you didn’t splurge on a new dress. When retargeting and remarketing your existing audience and customer data works, it feels a lot like that moment. YPM uses a variety of strategic ways to mine and capture your existing data to re-engage and nurture leads in advertising and content distribution. Taking this route will ensure brand awareness, engage qualified audiences and make your spending efficient and fit. 

So, wouldn’t it be great to fit into those slacks like you used to? To have a healthy, efficient brand that’s also economically fit? Or even better, upgrade your digital marketing equipment to have a lasting effect? Once you’ve assessed your goals and digital fitness level, connect with us to learn more about how we can help.