Call-only campaign results gain Google blog recognition for YPM

As a Google Premier Partner, YPM remains at the forefront of AdWords best practices, launching exclusive beta and pilot pay-per-click strategies for our clients.

The advent of Google’s call-only strategy created a new opportunity for YPM to deliver incremental telephone leads for our clients from Search Engine Marketing campaigns. Call-only campaigns leverage ever-growing mobile device usage by connecting searchers directly to advertisers with click-to-call ads displaying telephone numbers instead of website links.

Google’s recent introduction of “ad extensions” enhance call-only ads with additional details about a business, product or service:

We are now introducing upgrades to call-only ads, starting with the launch of ad extensions. For the first time, you’ll be able to show ad extensions with call-only ads to promote more relevant information about your products and services, and give people more reasons to choose your business. In early experiments, we’ve found that implementing new extensions to call-only ads can improve clickthrough rate by 10% on average.

Businesses who provide emergency and immediate need services, in particular, will highly benefit from this strategy where users may be more inclined to take immediate action from a mobile device rather than navigating to a website for further research and completion of an inquiry form.

Call-only ads with ad extensions have become an integral strategy for Vortex Doors, as recently published on Google’s AdWords blog:

Choosing the right partner for commercial door repair is an important decision for any business, which is why we offer extensive service and support over the phone to help guide our customers to book on-site appointments with our expertly trained techniciansPartnering with our digital agency, YPM, Inc. we’ve made call-only campaigns a big part of our digital strategy since phone calls are so important to our business.

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