Summer is here, and with it comes the season of outdoor fun, beach trips, and everyone’s favorite cookout staple: hamburgers! Just like crafting the perfect burger, building a successful digital marketing campaign involves selecting the right toppings to make your efforts irresistible. Think of each topping as a unique lever in your digital marketing machine, ready to be pulled to achieve the desired result.

Maybe your business needs the classic lettuce and tomato combination, like your foundational elements: SEO and content marketing. Just as these staples are essential for a delicious burger, strong SEO strategies and compelling content are vital for driving organic traffic and engaging your audience. Add cheese – your social media marketing efforts – adding more flavor and variety, keeping your brand lively and top of mind across platforms.

Next, add onions and condiments – your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and email marketing. Onions add a crunchy bite, just as PPC brings immediate visibility and quick results. Condiments can be personalized, helping build customer relationships through customized email campaigns. Finally, top it all off with a dash of creative flair – the bacon or avocado of your marketing mix. These represent innovative tactics like influencer partnerships and interactive content, adding that extra zing to set your brand apart.

By thoughtfully layering each component, you can create a digital marketing strategy that sizzles this summer. Whether it’s driving traffic, engaging your audience, or converting leads, pulling the right levers ensures your marketing efforts are as satisfying and memorable as the perfect burger at a summer BBQ. So fire up your marketing grill and let’s make this season the most successful one yet!

TIPS & TRENDS: Stand out in a crowded digital landscape by personalizing your content.

Tailoring your content, emails, and advertisements to individual preferences and behaviors can significantly enhance engagement and conversion rates. Utilize data analytics to understand your audience’s interests and customize your messaging to address their specific needs and desires. By delivering personalized experiences, you not only capture attention but also build stronger, more loyal customer relationships.

ON THE BLOG: Dissecting Digital Advertising Spend During an Election Year: 2024 vs. 2020

Digital ad spending this political cycle is anticipated to spike a dramatic 156.0% over 2020 levels to reach $3.46 billion. That means digital will make up 28.1% of total political spending in 2024 versus 14.1% in 2020.

ON THE RADAR: Here are some social media events coming up in the month of July

Canada Day: July 1, Independence Day: July 4, World Chocolate Day: July 7, National Video Game Day: July 8, National Ice Cream Day: July 21, World Emoji Day: July 17, National Hot Dog Day: July 17, and International Friendship Day: July 30. 

CEO Corner with Steve Lendino

As the sun shines brighter, YPM remains your nimble and flexible partner in digital marketing. Summer brings unique opportunities, and we’re here to ensure your brand shines. Whether launching a new media campaign or refreshing your website’s content, our team is ready to dive into action. Think of us as your marketing lifeguards, always on duty and ready to support you. Together, we’ll navigate the digital landscape, tackling challenges and celebrating victories. Let’s make this summer a season of growth and success.