It’s March Madness, which means we are nearing the end of the first quarter of the year! And whether you’re in the lead or trailing behind, there is still plenty of time to secure a win. YPM’s experienced coaching team has outlined strategies and tactics to help you get ahead, stay ahead and beat the competition. From content optimizations, to finding your team’s niche, to calculating the best ROAS for your digital marketing investments, we’ve got the court covered.

Need an assist? Pass us the ball to see how we can help you up your game and come out as a winner this year.

TIPS & TRENDS: Team Effort

Just like in sports, when your team works together, you’re more likely to be on a winning streak. The same goes for digital marketing – the more you can utilize a set of complementary tactics, the more conversions and revenue you will generate.

DID YOU KNOW: Make a Splash

It’s easier to make a splash in a pond than the ocean. That’s why the companies who grab the most attention focus on unique and specific topics. Niche content ranks high and gets more views. The fewer fish you have swimming alongside you, the more you stand out.

ON THE BLOG: What is a Good ROAS?

Your products and services might be the best, but if no one knows about them, it’s unlikely you’ll see a lot of customer conversions. That’s where advertising comes in. Advertising, however, is only effective when it connects with your target audience…READ MORE.