As all are experiencing, the way we live our lives is changing. Not only do trips to the grocery store, “hanging” out with friends, and family activities look different, but the way that businesses are engaging with each other is rapidly changing as well. The switch to remote work has accelerated the need for B2B companies to have digital self-service tools available for customers to gather information and make purchases. 

Customers look for a variety of features and services in a B2B partner. While there is a lot of competition out there, McKinsey’s data shows that the likelihood of being chosen as a primary supplier doubles when the company provides an “outstanding digital experience”. 

While today’s marketing climate is entirely different than just a few years ago, and now, even a few months ago, our foundation as lead generation experts is more than 35 years old. We’ve seen fads come and go, bubbles burst, and small startups become synonymous with search. Through it all, our focus has remained on our clients and their needs. Considering we’re still here, that’s proven to be a good strategy. Reach out to see how YPM can help digitize and optimize your business in today’s ever changing digital climate. 

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