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Our History

We have come a long way in our 35 years in business, but our philosophy has always been the same: We never compromise our standards to win business. Rather, we are awarded business because of the reputation we have built in the industry and the core values that make YPM’s culture unique…Read More

Traditional Search/Yellow Pages

400% ROI – 89% Purchase Rate – 300 Sales Per Ad – 800 Phone Calls Per Year

We know. It seems too good to be true. But these are actual numbers from Yellow Pages display ads. Yellow Pages customers are ready-to-buy!… Read More

Lead Analysis

Is your current CMR pushing their lead analysis capabilities on you? They should be. In a world where marketing budget allocations favor the medium with the best Cost Per Lead, the analysis part becomes vitally important, and YPM has already stepped up to the plate… Read More

Search Partners – Digital Media

YPM’s Digital Media services provide a suite of consultative and implementation strategies to assist a company to: first, identify the search engine marketability of their website. Second, to increase their website’s natural visibility across the Internet. And third, to drive incremental traffic and conversions…Read More                


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