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  • Directory Coverage Maps

    Our skilled mapping team provides custom mapping services for Yellow Pages directories nationwide, including detailed directory coverage and how it corresponds to the service area your business provides. Some additional possibilities for map creation include business location mapping, zip code mapping, complete current program coverage mapping, and metered call mapping using caller ID information from test ads.

    Demographic Reports

    Demographic profiling is the lifeblood of any marketing program, and it can help you accurately target your ideal consumer. Using demographic and consumer expenditure reports, we provide a complete analysis of your current program and put together our recommendations to maximize your return on investment.

    Call Tracking Services

    By placing unique local and/or toll-free numbers into your print or internet ads we can track exactly how many calls the ad is getting, along with detailed caller ID information to potentially improve your business operations. Analysis and test results are provided to you on a regular basis, so you have up-to-date information on how your ads are doing.

    Directory Usage

    Strategic planning is key for making the most of your Yellow Pages advertising dollars, and directory usage data helps determine exactly where those investments should be made. The main source of directory usage data is provided by Knowledge Networks/Statistical Research, Inc., who has been commissioned by the Yellow Pages Association to provide third-party data for the Yellow Pages industry.

    Competitive Analysis

    We understand that knowing what your competition is doing plays a huge role in your advertising decisions, and we have the resources to provide competitive analysis studies of the factors that are important to you. We have a library of over 7,000 current Yellow Pages directories from around the world which we can reference at any time to complete your customized competitive analysis request.

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