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  • A cornerstone of YPM’s philosophy is that client-specific quantitative measurement via test ad tracking, in conjunction with qualitative measurement, is critical to designing and optimizing a successful yellow pages campaign. Such ongoing measurement is vital in determining the value and effectiveness of any print program, and to staying abreast of trends within print headings and across channels (print vs. online yellow pages usage, for example) on a year over year basis. YPM was an early and proactive adopter of media measurement through the use of dedicated test lines and URLs for both print and online advertising. We remain diligent in recommending and implementing metered testing, and in seeking publisher partnership and funding of lines and ad space where applicable, and currently have thousands of test lines in place for our clients.

    What truly sets YPM apart from our competitors, however, is that we do not simply measure and report results. We delve deeply into the analytics and learning, seek to tactically apply results to the applicable media buy, and clearly explain to our clients what the results mean to you in terms of profit and sales, both through monthly updates and more in depth quarterly performance analysis. We have no bias toward any particular media; therefore actual client-specific results are critical to determining the appropriate media channel mix for each of our advertisers. Where possible and where the data is available, YPM always seeks to integrate media measurement results with client sales data and third party research data, so that the ROI calculations are as finite and accurate as possible.

    We partner with our clients to determine reasonable success criteria, and measurement results are used to optimize campaigns through elimination of underperforming markets, headings or directory types, as well as to evaluate the most cost effective ad buy with the largest potential return based on Cost per Call, Cost per Lead and ROI at minimum. Where customer data is available, we calculate Cost per Sale or Start through integration of your information into our measurement results.

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