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  • 400% ROI – 89% Purchase Rate – 300 Sales Per Ad – 800 Phone Calls Per Year

    YPM is clearly aware of and embraces the ongoing shift towards interactive media, including IYP, SEM/SEO and mobile.  Industry research and the thousands of print test lines in place for YPM clients, however, show that other directional media channels, including search engines, cannot yet deliver the same volume or caliber of leads as the print yellow pages for most of our advertisers.  The unequivocal facts are that print yellow pages continue to provide an exceptional return on investment, bringing in low cost leads and ready-to-buy customers seven days a week, 365 days a year.  One would be hard pressed to find another medium today that provides its advertisers an average of 800 annual calls, 300 sales per ad, and consumers who make a purchase 89% of the time, and we can back these figures up with actual results.

    Competitively priced and fully measurable, print yellow pages continue to provide high quality / low cost leads to savvy advertisers who understand the tremendous value that they have to offer. Let YPM show you how to best leverage your investment today.

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