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  • Yahoo Has A New CEO, And She’s From Google

    Posted Jul 16th, 2012 By in Industry News, Search With | No Comments

    marissa mayerFormer Vice President of Search at Google, Marissa Mayer, will be the new CEO of Yahoo!, Inc. according to recent reports.

    This is a smart move for Yahoo, a company who has seen it’s share prices plummet within the last 7-8 years. This is also great news for a company who’s organic search share continues to dwindle under Google and whose paid search operations were shuttered a few years back and given over to a Bing partnership.

    Mayer comes with possibly one of the most solid executive search backgrounds anywhere. It will be fascinating to see what she does in an effort to turn Yahoo around. There is even the distinct possibility that she will pull Yahoo out of the search game altogether.

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