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  • Why It’s Called “Earned” Media….

    Posted Nov 1st, 2012 By in Media, YPM Blog With | No Comments

    Google’s algorithm changes earlier this year and last (Panda and Penguin) left many marketers and businesses in a tail spin. Thinking they had it all figured out with SEO tactics which landed their websites on page one, they felt confident in their rankings and traffic for long tail terms and maybe even some head terms.

    Then came Panda (February 23, 2011) and Penguin (April 24, 2012) algorithm updates. Many websites tumbled out of top organic search spots. With 75% of users never scrolling off page one (source: Hubspot), the tumble wasn’t just with rankings but also (and more importantly) with website traffic. Most website owners blamed Google, crying unfair and convinced there was sabotage afoot. All the while trying to figure out the next move to get back into the good graces of Google.

    The falsehood in all of this is that somehow website owners are owed something by Google outside of paid search (and to a degree even inside paid search).

    Keep in mind, Google includes websites within organic results for FREE.

    So all of the energy focused on getting Google to do what you want can be pointless. For more information on this check out “Google Doesn’t Owe You a Living, So Don’t Depend on It” .

    Putting all your eggs in the Google basket can be dangerous, and as some have seen, detrimental to a business plan. To an extent removing Google altogether from the equation and turning focus to your audience can have a far more rewarding and long term impact.

    Consider this: Before the internet (and even since) how did a business get customers? Brand awareness, education, public relations, networking, targeted advertising etc.

    A true marketing mix was just that: A diversified combination of strategies and methods for reaching targeted audiences and establishing brand equity. The same holds true today if not more so in the digital age where attention spans and technology are fragmenting media consumption even further.

    Today, when a business spends more time listening to its target audience, providing meaningful information, becoming a trusted resource, ensuring a positive customer experience (on and offline) and delivering on a brand promise, the rewards from customers and even Google are likely to be far greater than the sole obsession with Google rankings. Perhaps the instantaneous nature of digital media has left brand managers thinking Google would be the panacea for all marketing efforts. Penguin and Panda are reminders that nothing could be further from the truth.

    Finding the balance for advertisers has never been easy. And it’s not getting any easier to chase consumers on their screen of choice, their engagement method of choice or their message of choice. What digital media has afforded marketers are multiple channels to engage with targeted customers with various experiences throughout different steps of the consideration and buying cycle. Engaging with a consumer on a company website, through social media, at review websites, via blogs, with direct response media, or on mobile devices, all lead to the path of reaching an audience and earning brand credibility and authority. And by the way, when your focus is on earning consumer trust, Google is likely to take note of the same and reward your brand as well.

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