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  • When the Sum is Greater than the Equal of Its Parts

    Posted Feb 17th, 2012 By in Media, YPM Blog With | No Comments

    As part of YPM’s annual Kick Off meeting, the entire company convenes to join forces with skill, strategy and precision, working towards an ultimate goal…much like the daily commitment of the YPM team itself.

    With a singular focus on performance, crews are formed and the race to the Finish Line begins. The task: working in unison, bring together pieces which by themselves do little, but structured properly may be a winning formula for success.

    Each team has the same parts, the same restrictions and the same opportunity to build for its success on the track. So why would it seem that one would outperform another? All the pieces are the same, the track is the same and there would be no apparent advantage of one over the other, right?

    There is no guarantee of making it down the track much less crossing the Finish Line in this race. For it is not in the pieces themselves which are awarded in this race, but rather how the pieces are constructed, how they fit together and how working in concert with one another, they achieve one goal…together. Make no mistake there is plenty of trial and error, test runs, and going back to the drawing board to calculate the odds of success against the competition.

    Whether it is brand building, team building, or even Tinker Toy car racing the same rings true, one strategy, one person, one piece, will have limited success by itself. A singular media channel will capture only one audience, a single person can only do so much and a lone wheel will propel the car only so far. For it is only through strategic coordination, careful planning and results measurement that true synergies are realized for the ultimate winning combination.

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