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  • The Value of Yellow Pages Product Bundles

    Posted Nov 24th, 2010 By in Industry Data With | No Comments

    Spend more money and increase the overall ROI? There are not many investment opportunities that offer this dynamic. Yellow Pages does.

    The foundation for any advertiser’s Yellow Pages program should be a display ad in the print product for the heading most closely associated with the primary focus of the business. Why? Because the display ad offers the business the best opportunity to communicate information about its business and to sell to its potential customers, and, because the display ad generates the most calls of the many Yellow Pages products. The display ad offers the business a chance to answer the users’ questions, to provide details about their business, to define the benefits a customer receives, and to differentiate themselves from their competition. The majority of Yellow Pages users will be new customers to a business, and new customers predominantly seek out the display ads. These users come to the Yellow Pages ready to make a purchase, but hungry for information that educates, informs, and sells to them.

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