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  • The Reason Why You Should Measure Your Marketing Performance By Channel

    Posted Feb 10th, 2017 By in Search With | No Comments The Reason Why You Should Measure Your Marketing Performance By Channel

    Digital marketing expert Ryan Bonnici at HubSpot is warning marketing professionals to stop measuring the results of their marketing efforts by channel and take a deeper look into the types of content they publish.

    If your business has a blog and regularly publishes content, then you are probably aware of the benefits. However, how should you measure if you have compelling content?

    More and more marketing professionals are taking a content-centric approach and analyzing the right metrics to tell them what their perspective customers are clicking on and why.

    Check out the interview with Entrepreneur and how Ryan Bonnici measures his content results and why he finds it sufficient.

    What’s the difference between channel-centric and content-centric marketing metrics?

    Modern marketers have realized that it’s not the channel that dictates the success of their marketing. Bad content promoted through your best performing channel will still perform poorly. In contrast, truly remarkable content creates buzz, engagement, education and sales regardless of the channel it’s promoted on.

    “But how do I figure out what they want and measure it?”

    1. Conduct a content audit of your existing digital assets

    Think of this step as an auditing process with the aim of figuring out what content topics are already performing well for your business.

    2. Apply content-centric metrics to each topic bucket

    There are three key metrics that effective entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers measure to analyze performance, refine strategy and scale marketing-generated revenue. They are visit-rate, lead-rate, and customer-rate.

    Once you’re regularly measuring the above content-centric metrics, and know what content topics work best for your business, you can begin to optimize these subjects per channel.

    Analyzing your campaigns is important to measure results and see what type of content people are engaging with. When you are ready to put together a content marketing plan, it is recommended to hire professionals that specialize in content marketing and search engine optimization. For more information, contact us to learn more about YPM’s digital marketing services.

    Article Source: Entrepreneur


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