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  • Selling Siri

    Posted Feb 8th, 2013 By in YPM Blog With | No Comments

    The latest Apple release of its mobile operating system iOS 6.1 comes with a glimpse of what may be the (inevitable) beginning of Siri, the personal assistant turned Siri, the sales assistant. With this latest update, iPhone users may now command Siri to “Buy movie tickets” which then prompts the Fandango app to complete the purchase. Users may command a specific movie launching times, nearest theaters and complete the purchase through Fandango.

    Should you not already have Fandango installed, well Siri will dutifully help you with that by providing a link to download the app to your phone. A moviegoer can then add paperless mobile tickets to Apple’s Passbook mobile wallet, which enables theater ticket takers to scan a QR code onscreen.

    Passbook is Apple’s mobile wallet that enables a consumer to store loyalty cards, movie and event tickets, coupons, and promotions in a centralized location on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The app senses time and location and automatically displays a ticket or an offer when and where the consumer needs it. It also can be used by retailers to deliver location-based offers when consumers enable location tracking.

    Fandango was one of Apple’s first Passbook integrated app and has been downloaded more than 31 million times. As reported earlier this year:

    “Overall, 2012 was Fandango’s best-performing year in its 12-year history, with record highs in ticket sales and web and mobile traffic. The records include a 57% surge in annual ticket sales and 34% annual growth in monthly visitors to its online and mobile sites and apps, the company reports. Fandango did not reveal exact sales figures. During peak months, Fandango saw 41 million unique monthly visitors, online and mobile combined, the company says. Fandango did not break out mobile traffic.”

    Today when asking Siri to “Buy an airline ticket to Phoenix” she is still only able to provide a list of eleven airlines disclaiming “none are very close to Phoenix” it may just be matter of time before she will prompt a dedicated airline transaction based on either a user’s Passbook app or Apple’s next marketing partnership or some combination.

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