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  • Searching to Expand Your Email List?

    Posted May 1st, 2012 By in Search, YPM Blog With | No Comments

    Email marketers and search advertisers unite! It appears email sign ups have made their way into Google’s sponsored ads.

    In the perpetual quest to improve the value of paid search real estate (for both user and advertiser), Google is testing the inclusion of a “Sign-up” box within search results. When performing a branded search, users may discover a sign-up form enabling them to “Get Offers” from the advertiser by providing their email address.

    At first it appeared this would only be displayed for users logged into their Gmail account which would then populate the Gmail address, thus making it one click away from collecting an email address:

    A click on “Privacy Policy” advises the user what will happen when they hit “Submit”:

    Although this was originally thought to be limited to users logged into their Google account, it appears the form is displayed even if you are not logged in:

    …and will still allow you to complete a submission:

    Further, the test does not seem to have found its way yet to the small screen:

    As with all things Google, this raises several questions for advertisers and users alike:

    • Will this feature be limited to branded search terms as it appears to be in the test? If so will this somehow force advertisers who abandoned bidding on their brand names to return to the practice?
    • How will this impact CTR and bid rates? Will advertisers bid differently for an email address compared to a click?
    • When the form is submitted to the advertiser, what is Google doing with the information, particularly if this is offered to users not logged into Gmail? The Privacy statement advises the user the name and email have been sent to the advertiser, has it been also collected by Google?

    The overall economics of search could be turned on its ear bringing new advertisers into the mix who may or may not have any interest in driving traffic to their website but rather simply be looking to collect email addresses…an angle one would bet Google is counting on.

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