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  • Process vs. Purpose

    Posted Aug 13th, 2012 By in Industry News, Search, Social With | No Comments

    In sales it’s lead nurturing, in sports it’s running drills, in politics it’s a campaign…the end game is all the same, get to the perceivable finish line and WIN.  There’s no shortage of information about the how to reach the “end game” of digital, to be seen at the top, to get the most traffic, to drive transactions, phone calls, in store visits, get fans, followers, shares, on and on. And many advertisers have spent literally millions of dollars obsessing over their purpose, their end game, to win.

    Digital media has propelled the speed with which marketing is designed and executed into real time. Marketing plans are now at most weeklong flights, no longer quarterly or annual plans, the news cycle is 24/7 and “that was so 23 seconds ago”.  Yet despite the instantaneous consumption of media (social, news or otherwise), there remains a demand for meaningful and useful information (read: content) regardless of the channel through which it is distributed.

    The rise of “Content Marketing” is forcing companies to reexamine purpose and place a greater focus on the process to truly engage target audiences in meaningful ways. Where content was once viewed as a tactic to attract search engines, audiences remind marketers that for them, content is still king.

    For B2Bs the process of Content Marketing may even be considered as traditional advertising’s emerging rival:

    How are companies using it? Some of the most popular ways, by percentage of companies, are non-blogging social media (79%), article posting (78%), in-person events (62%), e-newsletters (61%), case studies (55%), blogs (51%), white papers (43%) and webinars/webcasts (42%).

    Are content marketing budgets growing? Most definitely, with 51% increasing spending over the next 12 months, 45% maintaining their current level of spending, and only 2% planning to decreasing content marketing spending. (source: Marketo)

    Content marketing is yet another strategy which while is emerging in popularity online isn’t altogether new to marketing as a whole. Placing meaningful and actionable information in front of a target audience how and when they choose to consume it is nothing new. Still a good reminder that when you pay attention the process, the results will take care of themselves.


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