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  • Popular Marketing Trends In 2017

    Posted Jan 27th, 2017 By in Industry News With | No Comments Popular Marketing Trends In 2017

    If you want to have a competitive business, with a strong online presence, then you need to be aware of these new online trends that are getting a lot of attention.

    In 2016 content variety and digital advertising swept the online space and received positive results. In 2017 marketers will see these same trends but more in-depth.

    Check out how content and video marketing is going to change and how you can use these new platforms to your advantage.

    1. Lean on the new marketing lieutenants: marketing technologists and data scientists. To make the first two trends on our list work, executives must be data-driven. As companies aim to connect email, social media, and paid, owned, and earned marketing strategies (among others), they must incorporate technology needed to implement and support it.

    2. Better video content…and more of it. Yes, content is still king, but the kind of content that rules the web is changing. Social content, reviews, blogs, papers, and eBooks are all still crucial aspects of marketing, but video will be the rage moving forward. Brands that fail to incorporate visuals and videos will be left by the wayside.

    At YPM we recognize that it takes time and effort to keep on top of new marketing trends and to try new tactics. Our team takes the time to learn what you are doing currently and customizes a strategy to achieve your goals of driving more traffic to your website which leads to increased sales for your business. Contact us to learn more about YPM’s digital marketing services.

    Article Source: Forbes


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