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  • More Than 30 Million Amazon Echo/Alexa Devices Will Be In US Homes By The End Of 2017

    Posted Feb 7th, 2017 By in Industry News With | No Comments More Than 30 Million Amazon Echo/Alexa Devices Will Be In US Homes By The End Of 2017

    The Amazon Echo, which uses the cloud-based Alexa to answer queries, control smart home devices, plays games and music hands-free, is reporting record sales and has a loyal customer base that does not purchase competing devices later on down the line. VoiceLabs, which measures voice analytics has predicted that by the end of 2017 there will be more than 30 million voice powered intelligent assistants in American homes.

    VoiceLabs estimates that 24.5 million voice-first devices will ship this year. While that remains to be seen, there is clearly a large market, and a growing number of developers are trying to get in front of it.

    The dominant use cases currently involve listening to music or audio content, followed by smart-home device control. Business services and branded content represent a tiny minority of offerings and usage today, though that, too, will change over time.

    One of most interesting findings in the report is that most people who have an existing device — either Google Home or Amazon Echo — are highly unlikely to buy a competing one:

    VoiceLabs surveyed consumers who already own a Google Home or Amazon Echo, and currently, only 11 percent of respondents will also buy a competing device.

    Accordingly, the company argues that while the voice-first market is not winner-take-all, it will be “winner take entire household.” If that’s accurate, it probably means that Amazon already has a significant advantage over competitors.

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    Article Source: Marketing Land

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