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  • Important Tips to Improve Your SEO

    Posted Dec 10th, 2015 By in Industry News, YPM Blog With | No Comments

    Do you know what it takes to optimize your site for SEO?

    Most businesses recognize the importance of optimizing their site, but do not always have time to do it. There are many, many things that go into making a site fully optimized. The efforts associated with SEO are usually categorized into Onsite (or On-Page) efforts and Offsite efforts. Onsite efforts are associated with ways to optimize your actual website and Offsite are efforts associated with getting external sites to link to your site. The following article from SEM Rush describes twelve important Onsite SEO efforts. Some items that are important include adding keywords to the title tag, the copy, and the meta description, wrapping the title with <h1>, and linking to other relevant pages within the site. To learn about all the tips, please find a link to the article below.

    Read the full article here.

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