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  • How SEO Can Help Your Business

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    Companies recognize the importance of being visible online when it comes to attracting your audience to your website. However, not all companies know what it takes to rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs) in Google and other search engines. Read on to learn how your company can become more visible online through search engine optimization.

    How Search Engine’s Work

    Search engines, such as Google, use a piece of software called a “bot” to “crawl” over the billions of web pages at a quick rate to search for information. This process allows Google to provide its end users the results they want faster because the bot is regularly looking for information on web pages that can be indexed. Also, in order to keep its status as the most used search engine, Google is continually updating its algorithm to provide its users with a better experience. This means that companies need to continually optimize their websites through onsite tactics and implement offsite efforts in order to keep their company’s site visible and rank high in search results.

    Onsite Tactics

    Onsite tactics refer to ways that you optimize your actual website. Your goal is to give the Googlebot, the proprietary name given to Google’s bot, the information that it craves. While there are many ways to optimize your site, some of the more common include writing descriptive titles, adding meta descriptions, structuring the URLs clearly, adding heading tags, enhancing images, and including internal links. In addition, these bots are regularly looking for new information, so the inclusion of new helpful content on a consistent basis, such as through blog posts, help your overall results.

    Offsite Tactics

    Offsite tactics pertain to factors outside of your website, such as attracting inbound links. When you attract a link, or someone else decides to link to your website, Google sees this as a recommendation. But not all links are treated the same so it is important to measure the value of the inbound links. A higher authority site inbounding to your site will improve your results even more. In other words, it will bring your site more domain authority. In addition, while bloggers can simply find your site on their own and link to it, often times it is important and beneficial to establish a relationship with them so that they will want to link to the content on your site.

    Professional Assistance

    As you can see from the above efforts, a lot of time and effort goes into improving your search results. In order for your company to not only get more visibility, but to attract new leads and acquire new customers, it is recommended to hire professionals that specialize in the most up to date and relevant SEO practices. For more information, contact the experts at YPM online today or call 949.851.7744.

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