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  • How Content Marketing Helps Your Organic Search

    Posted Jul 13th, 2015 By in Industry News, YPM Blog With | No Comments

    Business owners already know how important it is to be visible when their customers are searching for them online. They may even know about the importance of implementing various search engine optimization techniques on their website in order to rank higher. However, what they may not know is how important content marketing is to improving your organic search results.

    What Is Content Marketing?

    Content Marketing involves creating, sharing, and publishing helpful information on a consistent basis to consumers. Instead of a hard sell, the intent of this type of marketing is to provide helpful content with the intention of acquiring new, as well as retaining existing customers. The output of content marketing is in a variety of formats, including blog posts, whitepapers, guides, infographics, case studies, and video.

    How Does It Benefit Your Business?

    When your potential customers come to trust the information your company shares on a regular basis, they begin to see your company as a thought leader, and they become more invested in your brand. If the topics you choose are relevant and helpful, more people will not only find your site, but will want to link to the content that you are sharing. Also, if your content is interesting, less people will leave quickly, or bounce, from your site. These are the areas on how content marketing helps improve your rankings. If your site is optimized properly, provides valuable content consistently, has a low bounce rate, readers can find your information easily, and bloggers will desire to link to your site to reference your quality content, Google will reward you with higher organic search results.

    Professional Assistance

    Establishing an effective plan takes time. However, if it is done correctly, a content marketing plan will improve your consumers’ perception of your brand, boost your organic search results, attract more leads, and help you acquire new customers to purchase your goods and services.

    When you are ready to put together a content marketing plan, it is recommended to hire professionals that specialize in content marketing and search engine optimization. For more information, contact the experts at YPM online today or call 949.851.7744.

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