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  • Google’s Schmidt And A Potential Yahoo-Google Search Partnership

    Posted Sep 25th, 2012 By in Industry News, Search, YPM Blog With | No Comments

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    Here we go again. Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, has recently spoken about another potential search partnership between Google and Yahoo. Back in 2008 the two search giants had a deal on the verge of moving forward, but it ultimately fell through over the federal government’s concerns that they would form a monopoly.


    Apple, Google and mapping apps weren’t the only thing that Eric Schmidt spoke about today in Tokyo.

    Forbes is reporting that Schmidt also floated the idea of a Google-Yahoo search partnership. Dow Jones reporter Kenneth Maxwell was at the event, and shared this statement with Forbes:

    Yes, I can confirm, Eric Schmidt definitely said they’d be interested in working with Yahoo US. He also said nothing doing for the time being, but they would be interested. It was also mentioned to him that there is new management at Yahoo US with a Google connection. But he played it pretty straight…. He also said they had expressed this interest to Yahoo before on a number of occasions.

    That’s right – it’s not really a new idea and it’s also an obvious one; of course Google would love to be Yahoo’s search partner. The two companies briefly had a deal on the table in 2008, but Google pulled out over fears that the government would declare Google a monopoly.

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