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  • Google’s AdWords Changes Optimize Conversions

    Posted Sep 17th, 2015 By in Industry News, YPM Blog With | No Comments

    Unless you work in the world of Search Engine Marketing, you may not know the benefit of Google recently announcing that they will be changing the definition of the word “conversions.” However, if you do, or if you work with an agency that handles your Pay-Per-Click campaigns, this means that your ad dollars can now be spent more effectively.

    Starting in mid-October, Google’s AdWords will make it easier to see specifically which methods are “converting” customers into clients. Previously, AdWords showed conversions, but it grouped them all together, so it was not easy to see which methods were actually converting customers. With these changes, Google’s Report Editor will allow AdWords to give SEM professionals more control over the data shown. You will soon be able to tell if phone calls, mobile, or desktop methods are most effective in getting customers to sign up for your business. And for clients, that means you will have improved reporting that will allow SEM companies to apply ad dollars to the methods which will bring you the most business.

    To learn more, read the full article here.

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