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  • We Know Measurement!

    YPM campaigns include the use of robust analytics software, Google Analytics as well as proprietary tracking systems. Establishing benchmarks for the impact of any internet marketing and advertising effort commences at the onset of the engagement. YPM’s third party reporting tool offers intuitive and insightful analysis of a web site, its usability and visibility. It reveals campaign dynamics, site navigation patterns, website trends and beyond.

    YPM further utilizes tools available by the search engines such as Google Analytics which does not require log file access for measurement. YPM will also integrate any third party analytics package used by an advertiser to capture essential consumer behavior data at the site such as:

    1. Identifying trends, patterns and predictable market conditions among various keywords       and traffic delivered
    2. Determining the variances among keywords and descriptions
    3. Identifying where visitors go, and what they do, once they’ve arrived at the site.
    4. Average time on site: site performance at holding on to visitors once they have arrived.
    5. Number and activities of site visitors
    6. Form completions and tracked telephone calls

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