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  • Many businesses have become very proactive and savvy at utilizing the Internet for lead generation, driving new sales opportunities and promoting their brand.  Yet many have left unattended the business of ‘protecting’ their brand and monitoring what is being said about it, leaving it vulnerable to negative reviews which may be voiced by anyone with Internet access.

    With the explosion of consumer generated content, social media is no longer only for the You Tube and Facebook generation but rather a necessity for global brands and startups alike to be paying close attention to not only what is being said about them but also taking action to protect their good name and engage with target audiences in meaningful ways.

    YPM’s multi dimensional approach monitors, analyzes and then works to influence social networking destinations. A key component of the branding initiative is through an aggressive viral marketing strategy.

    YPM’s brand management services are designed to first assist an advertiser to listen and monitor conversations, then to analyze and aggregate data regarding topics being discussed in the market place. The process is then designed to work to integrate the brand into the conversation and participate within targeted conversations and online communities.

    YPM establishes the proper ‘listening tools’ such as Google Alerts, a free service for receiving alerts by e-mail whenever keywords are found in online news articles, blogs or web pages.

    YPM further monitors keywords that track the brand(s), key brand names as well as competitors. Web pages are monitored which may fall under the radar such as old forum posts, blogs and comments. YPM distills the information and provides monthly reporting of comments, reviews, blogs across major search engines, social networks, and review sites.

    The key objectives for monitoring the conversation and brand are to identify how, when, where and most importantly why an advertiser may consider participating in social media:

    1. How often is the brand(s) mentioned on a daily basis, and what are people saying about the brand? Are comments supportive or critical? What questions are being asked and which are going unanswered in the space?

    2. How visible and active are the company’s competitors? What is the sentiment for a brand? How far behind or ahead is the brand when it comes to social media presence and brand visibility?

    YPM’s social media consultative services work to help an advertiser determine the potential measurable strategies for engaging with target audiences on social media for brand awareness, visibility, customer education and engagement and ultimately increased visibility and website traffic for a website.

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