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  • We Know Social!

    More than ever, a brand must proactively work to protect its good name online inasmuch as offline. As the amount of time consumers spend on social networks continues to explode, eMarketer reports 41% of US Facebook users indicate “I think Facebook is a good way to get information about companies and products.” At least once a week 33% of active Twitter users share opinions about companies or products while 32% make recommendations and 30% ask for them.

    Earned media (favorable publicity gained through promotional efforts other than advertising as it has come to be known, is a growing consideration for all brands who not only seek enhanced visibility and customer engagement but also to protect their reputation and image. Nielsen reports that 23% of social network users expect companies to listen and respond to what is said online.  60% of those going online have visited a social network with half going back every day.

    There is much being written on the subject of best practices for building a social media strategy. Social media however must be embraced by the organization as a way of thinking as compared to an advertising strategy to be most effective. Consumers on these platforms are evolving faster than the brands and businesses who look to engage in the discussion. Therefore, it is essential that listening and watching preface participation and engagement.

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