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  • Achieving organic rankings is not an event but rather it is a process requiring patience, commitment to the endeavor and tempered expectations. To insure the continued relevancy of the results a search engine delivers, it must continually modify the ‘rules’ by which it determines high rankings. As such the entire process of SEO is an effort to follow those rules and leverage them to a website’s advantage, ultimately resulting in high rankings. With the ever changing landscape whereby reviews, social mentions, video and images are all now included in search algorithms, the process is a continual effort of remaining relevant to consumers’ search patterns.

    Achieving organic rankings must be implemented methodically and slowly as an overly aggressive strategy may in fact have a negative impact. Finally, reaching the top of results is never a guaranteed process: there simply is no guaranteed approach to achieving rankings. The nature of an industry, relative competition online and the prevailing position of the businesses website online will all impact the results which may be achieved.

    “If you build it, they will come” may have once been a catch phrase for bringing in visitors to a website but those days have long since passed. A website in and of itself does not automatically guarantee traffic will come to it – deliberate, methodical and measurable effort must be placed into marketing a website to a target audience, demographically, geographically (or both). Whether or not offline channels are used to stimulate traffic, a website must be proactively marketed through online channels.

    Once website optimization is addressed, YPM’s offsite marketing strategies enable a brand to establish long term visibility and natural search engine rankings. Natural search strategies comprise brand promotion as well as brand management by expanding a site’s popularity as well as through online press / public relations, social networking and social connections.

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