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  • With an understanding of the target keywords for which a business looks to rank, YPM performs a Competitive Analysis of those websites which have high rankings and visibility.  From the SEO perspective, a ‘competitor’ is any website which outranks an advertiser’s website on the search engines results page.

    The competitive analysis provides valuable insights for the environment in which a business is competing for rankings. Components of the analysis include:

    • Competitors ranking in the major search engines for relevant and targeted keywords
    • Number of pages competitors have indexed in the major search engines
    • Analysis of anchor text used to link to competitors sites
    • Evaluation of sites linking to competitors sites

    As part of the Competitive Analysis, YPM performs benchmark reporting of the advertiser’s rankings and the identified competitors.

    Benchmarking is an essential initial step of the SEO process. For results to be measurable and accountable, a baseline must be determined for future efforts to be evaluated against it. Although rankings may change on an ongoing basis due to search engine algorithm adjustments, identifying the overall change and lift in a campaign is how YPM determines the success of any initiative. It is important to note that benchmarking a website’s local visibility plays an integral role in the overall optimization analysis as maps sections, local listings and consumer generated content and reviews continue to grow in importance in the search engine hierarchy.

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