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    A website’s structure is one of the most important components to achieving high rankings.  It is the one factor that a business can in fact control to enable the search engines to crawl the site and thus include it in its rankings.  The site structure for the purposes of marketing must be properly implemented at the onset of any SEO initiative. Technology or applications which may prevent or limit the search engines from crawling the site (such as frames, flash, dynamic URLs, or JavaScript) should be avoided since these are not ‘search friendly’.

    The relevancy of a website is paramount to it establishing rankings for targeted keywords / phrases. Therefore, not only should a website include relevant content about the products and services and value of the business to engage the site visitor, but the copy should also be created around targeted words and phrases for which the website looks to rank.

    Website optimization is the foundation for any marketing of a website online. It is the most cost effective measure a business can take to insure its site has the best opportunity of attracting the search engines and converting visitors into prospects.

    To insure search engine visibility and consumer usability, website optimization (a.k.a. on-page optimization) may include the reengineering of keywords within meta data, the addition of a sitemap, the addition of pages of relevant content, elimination of prohibitive technology such as frames or the redevelopment of a content management system (CMS) to foster a more search engine friendly database.  Regardless of the extent of work to be performed, on-page optimization is the key first step to achieving visibility.

    On-page work however does not mean a website is ‘finished’, it will never really be finished. In fact a website should instead be thought of as a “verb”, dynamic and ever-changing as opposed to a static “noun”.  Businesses often fail to recognize that a website must always be in flux and changing to market demands and behavior.  Website analytics when properly utilized can provide keen insights to consumer behavior at a website, traffic patterns duration on the site as well as paths to conversions.  This data will enable marketers to modify and tweak a website on an ongoing basis furthering the attraction of search engines and the conversions of visitors into prospects.

    Off-page optimization is the core discipline of Search Engine Optimization because it in fact requires both marketing and technical expertise, and the right combination at the right time.  YPM’s Off Page Optimization services include multi-dimensional strategies and tactics for marketing a website for the primary purposes of brand promotion.  The ultimate goal of any SEO initiative is built on:

    1. Increasing a website’s visibility online.
    2. Increasing search engine rankings for a targeted keyword universe.
    3. Increasing overall website traffic.
    4. Increasing sales leads for a business.
    5. Integrating online and offline brand promotion.
    6. Increasing customer engagement.

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