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  • Paid search or pay-per-click advertising, when properly executed can be a very cost effective means to delivering immediate sales traffic to an ecommerce or lead generation website. As bid rates continue to rise especially across hyper competitive categories it remains essential for a business to have their efforts closely monitored and managed. What was once thought of as “plug and play” has become a hyper competitive arena requiring analytical and mathematical expertise to properly execute a campaign regardless of the search engine or platform. YPM’s certified team of search analysts manages an array of complex campaigns across some of the most competitive verticals on the Internet today.

    While many businesses have already attempted to use paid search management, either internally or with a third party, many have not utilized the strategy and therefore require indoctrination to the strategy, leadership in its potential and expectations which are clearly communicated and managed. YPM’s team assists all levels of paid search ‘users’ whether savvy or novice, to reaching the ultimate goals of gaining desired consumer action (conversions) in as much as visibility (traffic).

    Traffic in the absence of action can be considered a branding effort which in and of itself may be the desired goal. However, the direct marketing nature of a paid search strategy, measurable and accountable action is what will ultimately determine campaign success.

    The performance of a paid search campaign is a combination of the effectiveness of campaign  execution as well as the effectiveness of the website in communicating the value of the service. Not only does a paid search campaign deliver immediate traffic, when properly managed can be extremely valuable consumer research.

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