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    YPM’s paid search strategies drive immediate website traffic while identifying the most productive and cost- effective keyword combinations through search engine pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, internet yellow pages advertising as well as targeted ad networks.

    The most essential ingredient for all search engine marketing is insuring the entire initiative is measured and is accountable to the investment being made. YPM’s analytics processes include using third party tools as well as proprietary testing and measurement strategies such as the use of dedicated landing pages, call tracking, micro sites or onsite multi variable testing.

    Websites are evaluated for the purposes of paid search campaigns as well as natural search rankings. Quality Score Index, insures the relevancy of its search results within its platform based on the relevancy of the pages of a website to which paid search traffic is directed. If the search engine is unable to determine the relevancy of the page compared to the keyword being bid on, an advertiser may be charged a premium to bid on the keyword or prevented from bidding on it altogether. This is the search engine’s effort to insure what their results display to users.

    An optimized website which achieves a good Quality Score Index insures keywords may be bid on free of unnecessary surcharges or being prevented from bidding on keywords which are relevant to a business. For example it is not uncommon for a company’s name to be surcharged or disabled as a keyword being bid upon if the brand name does not appear within search able areas of the site, on page content and or within the meta data. If a brand name appears within an un-searchable image and not within the site’s context it may in fact be ignored and therefore prevented from being searched.

    YPM’s paid search campaigns and Internet media buying strategies work to develop, test and measure a variety of vehicles for maximizing sales leads while minimizing cost-per-acquisition (CPA).

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