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    Online Yellow Pages are known as Internet Yellow Pages or IYP.  The IYPs continue to evolve and the new versions are classified as a local search directory which provides content with the added ability to refine the search results to find the needed product and/or service. All IYP platforms offer paid advertising options which typically are the premium or preferred placements on the search results pages.

    IYP sites continue to partner with leading local search traffic providers in order to increase their visibility and overall Network site visits, thus benefiting advertisers with new lead-gen website visits and calls.  Please click on the link to view the major traffic partners for the top IYP Networks.  In addition, IYPs invest significant dollars on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure their listings appear high in the organic search results on the leading search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and Bing).  These listings that appear in the organic results hyperlink to the targeted IYP search results page based on the keyword(s) entered.  IYP Networks also include distribution to their mobile networks which add incremental value.

    Let YPM’s tenured staff with vast knowledge of the online marketing space help you learn how to make the right choices when it comes to online yellow pages advertising. Advertisers benefit from YPM’s expertise in this area with our Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) recommendations that provide the greatest value for your online marketing budgets and include complimentary performance tracking services.

    Our long standing business relationships with the online publishers allow YPM to structure negotiated ad buys that are highly customized to meet our clients’ needs and objectives.  Once an online program is implemented, we monitor and present the inbound traffic results with our proprietary online dashboard, YPMadcenter that captures “post-click” web events and activity that occurs on your website via an IYP lead such as form/email submittals, requests for quotes, and any high value pages (location finder, contact us, etc.).

    Why wait and miss out on an opportunity to drive highly qualified leads and sales to your business?

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