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    For nearly three decades, YPM has delivered incremental sales opportunities to the doorways, telephones and websites of major global brands and local proprietors alike. With a history rich in monitoring, understanding and leveraging consumer use of pre-selected media during the shopping and buying process, YPM translates its keen insights and monitored metrics into new sales leads for businesses across the globe.

    As technology and media consumption have evolved over in the millennium the basics remain true – identifying a target audience, crafting a relevant message that compels action and fulfilling on the promise of satisfying a need. This remains the same as it did before the proliferation of Internet usage with one key shift, the overriding control consumers now have over the time, frequency, duration and interaction they choose to have with a brand. YPM continues on the mission of engaging a target audience and directing them towards a source of supply. These directives are the focal point today for developing its comprehensive suite of online and off line lead generation services.

    YPM’s Digital Media services provide a suite of consultative and implementation strategies to assist a company to first identify the search engine marketability of their website, second to increase their website’s natural visibility across the Internet, third to drive incremental traffic and conversions through media campaigns and finally to measure and monitor the effectiveness and ROI of various online strategies.

    YPM’s Digital Media Suite is comprised of:

    ○   Website Optimization
    ■   Content development
    ■   Architectural improvements
    ■   HTML formatting
    ■   Sitemap creation
    ■   Meta data optimization
    ■   Response form optimization
    ■   Online tracking code integration
    ■   Dynamic number measurement
    ○   Competitor Analysis
    ○   On-page SEO (website visibility and relevancy development)
    ○   Off-page Search Engine Optimization: (website popularity development)
    ■   Website networking and connections
    ■   Press release syndication
    ■   Article submissions
    ■   Directory submissions
    ■   Local search syndication through YPM’s Online Listing Solution
    ■   Blog Posting & Social Media Networking
    •   Paid Lead Generation
    ○   Paid Search marketing (search engine and ad network advertising)
    ○   Pay Per Call marketing
    ○   Vertical website placements
    ○   Social media advertising (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
    ○   Mobile marketing
    ○   Internet Yellow Pages advertising
    ○   Print Yellow Pages
    •   Website Analytics & Testing
    ○   Third party analytics implementation, monitoring and analysis
    ○   Proxy call tracking implementation, monitoring and analysis
    ○   Multi-variant testing
    ○   Landing page development and testing
    ○   Micro website development and testing
    ○   YPMadcenter media tracking

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