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  • Bing’s Social Side of Search

    Posted Jun 19th, 2012 By in Search, Social, YPM Blog With | No Comments

    With the world revolving around Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, Bing has come up with a new way to connect Facebook with what you search. In a generation where everyone knows what their friends, family and peers are up to 24/7, Bing has taken social and search to another level.

    Say you search for “Chicago Restaurants” (while logged into Facebook). On the right hand side of your screen, you will see what your friends have posted about a Chicago restaurant or a review they have posted about a place. Virtually anything you search for whether sports, food, vacations etc., Bing will connect your search to what your friends are saying about it, helping to guide your decision. A quick click on a friend and you can connect directly with them, ask a question or post a comment. What was once an unguided search has now become one where you are able to ‘phone a friend’ for a reference.

    But Facebook isn’t the only social media site Bing is connecting with. A search will also result with people on Twitter “experts and enthusiasts who blog and post on Twitter and other social networks about the thing you’re looking for”.

    Not only do your Facebook friends appear but results will also show for what those on Twitter have a say about “Chicago Restaurants”. Whether it’s a review or a Tweet from the restaurant itself, Bing has integrated the two biggest social media sites into whatever a person may be searching.

    So while Google is busy building its Google+ social media platform to 170 million users, Bing instead is tapping into Facebook’s 900 million user base plus Twitter’s 100 million (give or take). Bing is better equipping its “decision engine” and making it a more user friendly way to search. And while Bing may not be able to beat Google at search, when it comes to social, it just may be setting itself up to win at a game of its own.

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