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  • 2011 Yellow Pages Metered Ad Study

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    Advertisers 2011 Yellow Pages Metered Ad Study

    The 2011 Metered Ad study incorporates studies conducted with advertisers both locally by
    publishers (AT&T, Supermedia, DexOne, Yellow Book, and Local Insight Media) and nationally
    in cooperative efforts between CMRs, LSA, and publishers.
    The 2011 Metered Ad database contains over 300,000 separate advertiser studies (400,000
    measured lines) conducted in the past 10 years. To insure relevancy to current markets, the 2011
    Study uses only ads that appeared in the past 2 to 4 years for all ad types. Approximately 2.5%
    of studies were removed as outliers, which left roughly 200,000 ads and 250,000 measured
    lines as the basis for this year’s results.

    Download the article here – Yellow Pages Metered Ad Study 2011 General

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